last update 27/05/2013 15:44:35

Inox semi professional coffee grinder

One of the fundamental elements for a perfect espresso is the quality and degree of grinding, along with the quality and freshness of the roasted coffee. CONICO is a semi-professional grinder that electronically doses the coffee and is equipped with conical grinders of 47 mm of diameter. The conical grinders permit a great grinding precision, minimal heating and less wear over time. It is an “on demand”, non-doser coffee grinder that guarantees the right dose of freshly ground coffee at the right grinding degree for each pouring. Since it has been designed to be installed in battery formation, controls are on the front and electrical connections on the rear of the machine, while only the manual regulation for the grinding is on the right. CONICO is equipped with a front reversible, rotating coffee press allowing to press coffee in a filter of a different diameter. The screen displays both the number of poured coffees and the pre-set grinding time.

Dimensions: (HxWxD) 430x155x280 mm
Weight: 2.9 Kg
Coffee hopper capacity: 1000 g
Protection fuse: 2 A
Power supply: 220V/240V 150W – (U.S.A. 120V 60Hz 150W)