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Romantica Blend

Arabica and robusta blend for italian espresso coffee passionate: balanced, good body, good flavor.

Made of the finest natural and washed Arabicas mixed with the best Asian Robustas, this blend is the perfect and balanced mix of sweetness and body. A masterly touch of washed African Arabicas make ...

Serenata Blend

Arabica and robusta blend, elegant and rich in aroma, balanced and delicate.

Made of the best-quality natural and washed Arabica, with a touch of washed Asian Robusta, it is the perfect blend for espresso professionals. Sweet and elegant, thanks to the care paid in the cont ...


Inox coffee grinder silver colour for home use

PICCOLO is a coffee grinder with conical grinders of 38 mm of diameter. It provides the same performance as CONICO, but in a small size and for home use. The conical grinders permit a great grinding p ...

Primo Aroma - Desiderio

Roasted and ground espresso coffee can

Roasted and ground espresso coffee can If you want a blend of coffees from the best origins that is ideal to prepare an Italian traditional espresso, you can purchase our 125g can. ...

Bacchi Espresso

The only patented espresso coffee machine that can provide a water pressure of 9 bars just using an external source of heat.

If you long for the pleasure of a superior espresso in which the forces of nature alone concur in creating a unique and unmistakable taste, Bacchi Espresso is your choice. Caffemotive’s world ...
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