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last update 19/10/2016 14:43:39

Support the crowdfunding campaign for Tablì on Kickstarter

Tablì su kickstarter
To develop the Tablì System project a crowdfunding campaign has been activated on Kickstarter platform. The funds raised will enable us to complete the production process of the tablets on a wider scale.
The goal of the campaign, which will run until the end of November, is of 50,000 €.

Crowdfunding is a collective financing system: dedicated web platforms allow to propose an idea or innovative project of any kind, and require funding for the realization. In return for its offering, users can receive the exclusive gifts.
Backing the project Tablì on the platform, you can order a preview packages of tablets, in tridose version for moka coffee makers, the exclusive espresso coffee makers with gold painted parts by Bacchi Design or participate in exclusive experiences, such as courses or tastings.

Find out more about project Tablì System and contribute to the Kickstarter campaign.